15 July

Kid’s Daily Task List

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  My oldest sister asked┬áme to make a daily task list for her kids. The twins, Jonathan and Diana, couldn’t read at full capacity yet and needed some sort of imagery to help them remember what their chores were that day.       Some of my favorite from the set.

31 March

How I Met Your Mother: The Mother of All Endings

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How I Met Your Mother is finally coming to an end. As some other friends of mine, I caught onto the show a little later (thank you, Netflix!). There were definitely some moments where I just needed a refresher on what we knew about the mother, and when we could see her in the series. […]

19 February

C5 : Presentation Deck Icons

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There are days when you get to work on a presentation deck. Today was one of those days. I don’t illustrate as often as I probably should, so whenever there’s an opportunity to put it into practice I really try to take it. To me, there’s definitely a difference between creating for fun, and creating […]

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